Our Team & Policy

The Team

Houstan Gulf Contracting is proud of dedicated professional team who makes every possible effort to ensure that the products and services we provide fulfill our quality standards and exceed our client’s expectations. 

Each member of Houstan Gulf is provided with the ideal opportunities and environment for growth and development to set industry standards. This approach allows us to not only acquire the best talents in the professional market, but also to continue to further nurture and develop those talents to strengthen our operations.

Our Policy

At Houston Gulf Contracting, the safety of our human resources, the public, and the environment are our top priority. We are committed to a Safety Management System that complies with both local and international standards, and is constantly updated in terms of objectives and indicators.
Our HS & E division trains each member of our team on safety policies and practices to ensure implementation in each phase of each project. The Safety Management System is documented in a HS & E manual which is studied during the operation protocol of each project.
Working hard to maintain the highest quality in all our standards

Hence, everyone who works for us, anywhere, is responsible for getting HSE right. Good HSE performance and the health, safety and security of everyone who works for us are critical to the success of our business.